A Message About Your Commonwealth Fund ‘Library’

eAlert 94872a53-74f2-497e-b6d3-94b75a244eee

<p>The Commonwealth Fund will soon launch a redesigned website that we hope will make it easier for you to find and read our health policy publications, charts, and other content of interest. You’re receiving this email because you have, in the past, saved publications in your Commonwealth Fund library through your “My Commonwealth Fund” account. Unfortunately, during our website transition these saved links will be lost, although all the content will still be available on our website. </p><p>We recommend that you visit your library at this time to see if you want to save the links to these publications in another way, such as through a citation manager like EndNote. We will offer library functionality on the new site, so you can resave these publications or add new ones directly through commonwealthfund.org. </p>
<p>Thank you for your interest in the Commonwealth Fund's work.</p>