A Model of High Performing Health Care

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<p>In March 2006, members of the Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System paid a visit to Denver Health, Colorado's largest health care safety-net provider, to learn more about how this fully integrated health system has managed to achieve a national reputation for high performance--and to see whether it might serve as a model for other public and private health systems around the country.<br><br>In this new <a href="/cnlib/pub/enews_clickthrough.htm?enews_item_id=29137&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecommonwealthfund%2Eorg%2Fpublications%2Fpublications%5Fshow%2Ehtm%3Fdoc%5Fid%3D509163%26%23doc509163">case study from the Commission</a>, the Fund's Rachel Nuzum, Douglas McCarthy, and Anne Gauthier recount what the Commissioners found as they observed Denver Health's operations firsthand. Describing Denver Health as a "learning laboratory," the authors explain how the organization has succeeded in providing coordinated care to its community, promoting a culture of continuous quality improvement, incorporating new technology into everyday practice, and taking risks.<br><br>Read the report to learn more about Denver Health and the lessons it learned along the way to becoming a high performance health system.</p>