Nebraska Joins New Group of States Looking to Expand Medicaid


On Friday, Nebraska’s secretary of state certified that supporters of Medicaid expansion had collected enough signatures to put the proposal to voters on Election Day. Nebraska joins Idaho and Utah, which will both have Medicaid expansion on their November ballots, and Montana, where voters will choose whether to permanently reauthorize the expansion already in place. Last year, Maine voters were the first to pass Medicaid expansion through a citizen-initiated ballot referendum process.

On To the Point, the Commonwealth Fund’s Don Moulds, Susan Hayes, Sara Collins, and Rachel Nuzum look at this new group of potential expansion states and consider the impact the change will have on state finances and low-income residents’ access to health care. Financial impact analyses conducted for each of the states project that a considerable chunk of new spending for Medicaid expansion in 2021 and beyond will be offset by savings in other state programs, such as those that currently fund uncompensated care provided to residents without insurance.

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