New Case Studies Highlight High-Performing Health Systems in the Midwest

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<p>The Commonwealth Fund’s continuing case study series on high-performing organized health care delivery systems in the U.S. turns next to the Midwest. Read all about:</p>
<a href="/publications/case-study/2009/aug/gundersen-lutheran-health-system-performance-improvement-through">Gundersen Lutheran Health System</a>, a physician-led integrated system serving Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota that has increased efficiency, improved patient care, and achieved the high performance associated with large urban institutions. Gundersen Lutheran uses clinical and financial outcomes data to set benchmarks and improvement targets; invests in primary care and disease management programs; and hires engineers to improve operations. </li>
<a href="/publications/case-study/2009/aug/henry-ford-health-system-framework-system-integration-coordination">Henry Ford Health System</a>, an integrated system in southeastern Michigan whose leadership stresses collaboration, care coordination, and innovation and learning. Henry Ford’s care innovation initiatives are multidisciplinary, team-led projects that target improvements in quality measures and evidence-based standards through problem-solving and the identification of common metrics to build consensus. </li>
<a href="/publications/case-study/2009/aug/marshfield-clinic-health-information-technology-paves-way">Marshfield Clinic</a>, a physician-governed multispecialty group practice in rural Wisconsin that has engaged physicians and staff in a program of clinical performance improvement aimed at enhancing patient access, coordination of care, and efficiency of clinical operations. Marshfield’s telemedicine network expands access to care for patients living in rural and remote areas. </li>
<a href="/publications/case-study/2009/aug/mayo-clinic-multidisciplinary-teamwork-physician-led-governance">Mayo Clinic</a>, the world’s oldest and largest integrated multispecialty group medical practice, with a flagship campus based in Rochester, Minnesota, and a regional health system serving Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Mayo’s salaried health care providers work in a team environment supported by a technologic infrastructure and physician-led governance structure that fosters peer accountability, clinical excellence, and patient-centered care.</li>
<p>Visit <a href="/publications/case-study/2009/jul/organizing-higher-performance-case-studies-organized-delivery"></a> to download the other case studies published in the series and to read an overview report that synthesizes key findings from all the sites visited. <br /></p>