New 'Perspective' Series in the New England Journal of Medicine Spotlights Health Systems from Around the World

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A new monthly series of "Perspective" articles focusing on selected health care systems from across the globe debuted in the January 1 issue of the <em>New England Journal of Medicine.</em> The series, a collaboration with The Commonwealth Fund, will shine a light on new, innovative, and potentially instructive health policies in place or under development in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, and Australasia.<br /><br />
Leading off the series is "<a href="">… Public–Private Pendulum—Patient Choice and Equity in Sweden</a>," by Anders Arnell, Ph.D.
Each piece will be supplemented by brief case studies that follow two typical patients through the chosen country’s health care system, as well as a table providing standardized information on key system parameters.<br />
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Please join us on this journey to explore the wide world of policy and delivery system reforms designed to achieve better, more equitable health outcomes at an affordable price. Read the editorial