New PHDS Manual for Child Health Care Providers

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<p>The parent-completed Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) is a highly effective way for pediatric care providers to determine whether their youngest patients are getting recommended care--and whether parents are getting the information about preventive care, child-rearing, and early development they want and need.<br><br>To help health systems use the PHDS to improve the quality of services they deliver, The Commonwealth Fund has made available a <a href="/tools/tools_show.htm?doc_id=364630">new manual</a> for implementing the PHDS. The manual's authors, Christina Bethell and Colleen Reuland of Oregon Health and Science University, explain how to plan for and administer the survey, construct quality measures, report findings, and more.<br><br>The PHDS was developed with Fund support by the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) at Oregon Health and Science University. On the Fund Web site, you can also access <a href="/tools/tools_show.htm?doc_id=364630">two other PHDS manuals</a>: one that provides implementation guidelines for state Medicaid agencies, and another, designed for individual physician practices, that provides information and advice on using a shorter version of the PHDS to measure health care quality. These manuals and many other PHDS resources are available on the <a href="">CAHMI Web site</a>.</p>