New Report: All But 5 States Taking Action to Implement ACA Insurance Reforms

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<p>Although their approaches may vary, most states have taken steps to prepare for the Affordable Care Act's health insurance market reforms, marketplaces, and Medicaid expansion, a new <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2014/jan/implementing-affordable-care-act-state-states">Commonwealth Fund report</a> finds.</p><p>The 10 states that have done the most to implement the health reform law’s major components—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Vermont—have set up their own insurance marketplaces, expanded eligibility for Medicaid coverage, and enacted all, or nearly all, of the insurance market reforms to ensure that consumers benefit from the law. At the other end of the spectrum are the five states—Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming—that have declined to play any role in implementing the law's reforms.</p>
<p>"It's very encouraging that nearly all states have taken some steps toward implementing or enforcing the Affordable Care Act," says The Commonwealth Fund's Sara Collins. "However, it is concerning that some states have taken only limited action, or none at all, since their low-income and uninsured residents in particular may not be able to fully benefit from the law." </p>
<p>The study was prepared by Katie Keith and Kevin Lucia of the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms.</p>
<p>Visit <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2014/jan/implementing-affordable-care-act-state-states"></a> to learn more about the study, use our interactive state map, and view our infographic.</p>