New Report Shows How Targeting Patients' Social Needs Is Critical to Improving Quality and Reducing Costs

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<p>As public and private payers increasingly hold providers accountable for their patients' health and health care costs and link payments to outcomes, providers are developing strategies to address the social factors that play so large a role in people’s health. As much as 40 percent of patient outcomes can be attributed to factors such as income, educational attainment, access to food and housing, and employment status—and low-income populations are particularly affected.</p><p><a href="/publications/fund-reports/2014/may/addressing-patients-social-needs-emerging-business-case-provider">A new report</a> prepared by Manatt Health Solutions for The Commonwealth Fund, The Skoll Foundation, and The Pershing Square Foundation explores the impact of social needs on health and the costs of care and identifies evidence-based strategies and interventions that can help providers target patients’ social needs, improve health, and reduce spending. The report examines payment models that incentivize or require providers to address not just their patients’ clinical needs but their social needs as well.</p>
<p>For providers unable or unwilling to invest in social interventions, the report suggests alternative opportunities for funding them. Research indicates that in addition to improving patient health, investing in these interventions can enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty, as well as satisfaction and productivity among providers. </p>
<p>Visit <a href="/publications/fund-reports/2014/may/addressing-patients-social-needs-emerging-business-case-provider"></a> to read <em>Addressing Patients’ Social Needs: An Emerging Business Case for Provider Investment</em> and learn about the variety of tools available to providers and the range of effective programs in the U.S. and abroad.</p>