New Survey on ACA: People Are Getting Care They Would Previously Have Gone Without

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<p>Sixty-one percent of people who have used health insurance obtained through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are getting care they previously would not have been able to afford or have access to, according to new Commonwealth Fund survey findings out today. </p><p>“Providing timely access to care is the fundamental purpose of insurance, and in this regard the law is working well for most people who are using their plans,” said Commonwealth Fund vice president Sara Collins, the lead author of the report.</p>
<p>Fielded between February and April of 2016, the survey finds that the ACA’s insurance expansions are providing coverage to many people who have been uninsured for a long time. But the law also appears to be helping people who recently lost job-based coverage and were experiencing a gap in health insurance. </p>
<p>Overall, 82 percent of adults with an ACA marketplace plan or new Medicaid coverage are somewhat or very satisfied with their coverage.</p> Read the survey brief