New Survey: Three of Ten Marketplace and Medicaid Enrollees Are Concerned About Losing Coverage

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<p>Thirty-six percent of Americans who have health coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces and 27 percent of people with Medicaid are pessimistic they will be able to keep their coverage in the future, according to a new Commonwealth Fund survey. Nearly half cite actions by the Trump administration or Congress to undermine the law as the main source of their concern. </p><p>Despite federal efforts to weaken the law, 11.8 million people selected plans through the marketplaces, about 3.7 percent fewer than during the prior year.</p>
<p>“This year’s enrollment numbers are impressive considering the uncertainty that surrounded the law most of the year, but we found that some people are concerned about being able to keep their coverage in the future,” said the Commonwealth Fund’s Sara Collins, the lead author of the study. </p>
<p>The survey also asked people whether they believe all Americans should have the right to affordable health care. Most said yes, including 99 percent of Democrats, 82 percent of Republicans, and 92 percent of independent voters.</p> See more results