The New Wave of Health Care Innovation

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<p>The Affordable Care Act will transform the U.S. health care system in many ways. A new <a href="/publications/publication/2011/nov/new-wave-innovation-how-health-care-system-reforming-resource">Commonwealth Fund–sponsored supplement</a> in <em>Columbia Journalism Review</em> looks at how hospitals, physicians, employers, insurers, and states are preparing for the changes ahead and experimenting with approaches to improving access and quality and controlling rising health care costs. </p>
<p>With an emphasis on primary care, coordination of services, and chronic disease management, payment models that take a broader view of health management than traditional fee-for-service are being explored. The aim is to allocate more resources to upfront care and reduce the need for costly acute and emergency care services down the road. </p>
<p>By shining a light on emerging innovations across the country, this report will inform journalists and others of the ways the health system is reforming itself. <br /></p>