Piloting Health Care Delivery Innovations from Abroad

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<p>The transfer of ideas across national borders has become second nature in the automobile, manufacturing, and technology industries, say the Commonwealth Fund’s Robin Osborn and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Don Goldmann in a new post on <em>To the Point</em>. Yet until recently there’s been broad resistance in the U.S. to adopting ideas from other nations’ health care systems.</p><p>Nearly three years ago, IHI and the Commonwealth Fund launched a program to stimulate the transfer of frontline health care delivery innovations from other developed countries to the U.S. Osborn and Goldmann describe the program’s “innovators network” of leading delivery systems and highlight findings from four case studies of innovative solutions to common health system problems, including overuse of low-value care and shortfalls in patients’ care experiences. </p>

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