Presidential Campaign Health Reform Promises Matter


Campaign platforms are used by supporters and the press to hold presidents accountable. Though voters tend to discount many of the promises made by candidates, history shows that roughly two-thirds of campaign promises were kept by presidents from 1968 through the Obama years.

In the first of a series on health reform in the 2020 election campaign, health policy expert Jeanne Lambrew, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and veteran of two presidential administrations, looks back over the last eight decades to show why campaign plans are relevant. She also describes the health reform landscape leading up to the 2020 election and projects the likely Republican and Democratic reform plans.

Continued controversy over the Affordable Care Act, potential reversals in coverage and affordability gains, and voters’ concern suggest a central role for health policy in the 2020 election, Lambrew believes. Read the report to learn what shape that role might take.

Lambrew Getting Ready for Health Reform 2020 1x1 Read the report