Progress Report on State Health Insurance Exchange Legislation

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<p>New guidance on state health insurance exchanges from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services gives states more options as their deadline for establishing a state exchange nears. Previously, states could choose to operate their own exchange or opt to have the federal government run the exchange. Now, states can choose a "state partnership exchange" with the federal government in which they would operate exchange functions related to plan management and/or consumer assistance. </p><p>In an <a href="/blog/2011/affordable-care-acts-health-insurance-marketplaces-progress-report">updated blog post</a>, Sara Collins and Tracy Garber review the new guidance and, in an updated map, provide a picture as of May 2012 of where states stand in establishing the legal authority for their insurance exchanges. Also available is an update on federal grants to states to develop their exchanges. </p>
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