Quality Conference at the United Hospital Fund

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<p>An upcoming United Hospital Fund conference, "Quality Strategies, Quality Programs," will bring together leaders from the health care quality movement to take stock of what has been accomplished to date and the issues and strategies that demand continued attention and action. The conference will be held July 17, 2007, at The Graduate School and University Center, CUNY, in New York City.<br><br>The conference will open with a keynote address, "Advancing a State Quality Agenda," by Cathy Schoen, senior vice president at The Commonwealth Fund and research director for the Commission on a High Performance Health System. She is the coauthor of the recent report <em>Aiming Higher: Results from a State Scorecard on Health System Performance.</em><br><br>To register, visit the United Hospital Fund Web site at <a href="http://www.uhfnyc.org/calendar_contact3160/calendar_contact_show.htm?do…;