Reflecting on Health Reform: Two Weeks in October

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<p>In the <a href="/blog/2013/reflecting-health-reform-two-weeks-october">first of a new series of blog posts</a> called "Reflecting on Health Reform," Commonwealth Fund president David Blumenthal, M.D., looks back at the last two tumultuous weeks of the Affordable Care Act's coverage expansion provisions. He concludes that while the problems with the federal insurance marketplace website are serious, the law also survived a political attempt to kill it, making it not such a bad couple of weeks for the supporters of health reform after all. </p><p>"Technologically, getting the exchanges to function is ultimately doable," he says. "Politically, taking health insurance away from millions of Americans is akin to defying the laws of gravity."</p>
<p>Visit the <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=0B67ACA7A5CB453CB876F3DB59E19448&_z=z">Commonwealth Fund Blog</a> to read the entire post. </p>