Request for Participation in P4P Survey by April 1

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<p>Over the last three years, the health informatics company Med-Vantage has fielded the largest and only longitudinal national survey of pay-for-performance (P4P) programs that reward physicians and hospitals. This year, Med-Vantage and The Leapfrog Group have partnered and expanded the scope of the survey to include P4P programs targeting health plans and incentive programs aimed at consumers. The Commonwealth Fund is a sponsor of the survey.<br><br>We invite payers and purchasers to participate in the survey, and ask you to pass it along to others involved in P4P programs. You can access the survey and view a list of endorsing organizations by clicking on the following link: <a href="">http://survey.medvantagein… participation in the survey by April 1 will provide information about trends and directions in incentives and P4P programs. Working with you, Leapfrog and Med-Vantage hope to increase public awareness of the new value-based purchasing and P4P models that are emerging and stimulating further improvement in health care. <br><br>Some of this year's survey data will also be used to update a database for Leapfrog's new and improved Incentives and Rewards Compendium, which will be unveiled this spring. The current Compendium is freely available at <a href=""&gt;</a>.</p&gt;