The Rise of Resident-Centered Care in Nursing Homes: A Podcast

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<p>In a new episode of <a href="/podcasts/">New Directions in Health Care: The Commonwealth Fund Podcast</a>, Emily Schifrin explores how a long-term care system in New York is creating "an environment for living" for its residents. Through interviews with leadership, staff, and residents, Schifrin explores how "culture change" is helping to transform life at the Sarah Neuman Center in Mamaroneck, New York, and at Jewish Home Lifecare's Manhattan and Bronx campuses by deinstitutionalizing the physical environment, dining facilities, and staffing structure.<br><br>At the Sara Neuman nursing home, for example, residents live in smaller "communities" within the facility. Each community has its own coordinator and team of staff, and residents eat in a restaurant-like environment at a time of their own choosing. <a href="/podcasts/">Listen</a> to learn more about the impact culture change is having on long-term care.<br><br>You can also read about the latest research on nursing home culture change by visiting the Web page for the Fund's <a href="/topics/topics_list.htm?attrib_id=15316">Program on Quality of Care for Frail Elders</a>.</p>