Social Share: ICYMI - What's an MT?

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<p>It's time again for <em>The Social Share</em>, a weekly newsletter designed to help you build your social audience one tweet at a time. Click on any of the images below, if you're interested in tweeting them. Go ahead, these are freebies.</p><p>I am happy to report that many of you readers have gotten in touch to tell me that last week's instructional on how to setup and use Buffer has been a real game changer. If there is anyone left reading this who hasn't set up Buffer yet, what're you waiting for? You heard the others, it's a game changer! I'm always available to help walk any of you through any question you've got, just drop me a line. Speaking of dropping a line, let's see what the mailbag has for us today, shall we?</p>
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<td><em></em>Social Share,<br />
<br />
I am so glad I have you to turn to, you have no idea the anguish this tweet has caused me. Just look at it, it's a monstrosity of the highest order. <br />
"ICYMI: #TBT to the time I ironically MT'd a #TCOT & was RT'd by @RushLimbaugh! #LOL #SMH CC: @AlFranken" <br />
What does this mean, and what are some other abbreviations I should be aware of. Please help I am losing so much sleep!
<br />
<br />
Exhausted on the East Side<br />
<br />
P.S. - Losing sleep hasn't been all bad. I've been rereading my favorite past issues of your divine newsletter. <br />
<br />
<p>LOL! This is no big problem, it's a very common question asked by users who are new to Twitter. I won't spoil the fun by spelling it all out up here, but down below you'll find a SFW link (the blue button) to a pdf that explains some frequently used abbreviations on Twitter. Enjoy!</p>
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