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<p>It's time again for <em>The Social Share</em>, a weekly newsletter designed to help you build your social audience one tweet at a time. </p><p>Welcome back, dear readers. Were your engagements with family, pies, sports, and naps all that you dreamed they be? I sure hope so. Reporting from Social Share HQ, I can say that while I attempted to relax and take stock of the things I am grateful for more than a few of you posted mail to me. I am grateful for that, as well. The mailbag had begun to look rangy off in its corner, but it's grown bountiful in the past week and without further adieu, we dive in. </p>
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<p style="font-style: normal;">Hi Social Share,</p>
<p style="font-style: normal;">Over the last two weeks, I've imported and analyzed the data from dozens of studies claiming to answer "When is the best time to tweet?" in Stata. There seems to be no clear answer to this query. Some have correlated 11am on weekdays with higher engagement, others claim the retweets will pour like water from a faucet if I were to tweet on Fridays at 3pm, and still others promise a bath in a pool of Likes if I tweet on Super Bowl Sunday at midnight. I just want to know when I should tweet if I want to get a few retweets. What will work for me? Please tell me quick, I've got to run. </p>
<p style="font-style: normal;">I'll take my answer off the air,</p>
<p style="font-style: normal;">Crunching Time in Sty Town</p>
<p style="font-style: normal;">P.S. - Just kidding about that off the air thing I know this isn't a radio show, though I really wish it were. I'd listen everyday, and make tapes for my friends.</p>
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<p>The truth about the perfect time to tweet is that it's different for everybody. Studies that analyze and offer the optimal times to tweet are often focused on large, for-profit businesses, not individuals. While there may be some overlap, those studies aren't written for the average user. </p>
<p>Here's how you can figure out what time works best for you.</p>
<p>Look at your old tweets, specifically the tweets which have garnered a few retweets or favorites. Do you see a pattern in them? Start by taking a macro look at the time frames, are you seeing more engagement in the first or second half of the day? If it's the first half, is it between 8am and 10am, or is it 11am and 12pm? If you have sent enough tweets, you should be able to get a rough sense of when your followers are logging in to check Twitter. Next time you've got a report to promote send a few tweets on the day of publication and put your findings to the test.</p>
<p>And now, on with the freebies. Click on any of the images below, if you're interested in tweeting them. These links are live!</p>
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