Social Share: Redux

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It's time again for The Social Share, a biweekly newsletter designed to help you build your social audience one tweet at a time.

Welcome back, dear friends. It is I, your intrepid guide through the social media jungle. Having spent the first quarter of this year on a well-funded sabbatical, I return bearing the fruits of a daring and exotic expedition across several new social media landscapes. No doubt, the mailbag, now bags, are overflowing with questions from you. Let's get into it!

Dear Social Share,

I don't get it! I spend about a million hours of my life writing a research paper, and when I turn it over to my communications department, you know what I get? A few tweets! Tweets! Who sees them? The right people? The wrong people? I want my work to be landing in the right feeds, but how can I be sure that's happening? How can I help my organization to help me?

Harrumphing in Hudson

P.S. - I printed and bound the first 15 issues of your newsletter. It makes for a great gift. Hope you don't mind.


Harrumphing, you're in luck! I've got the elixir for what ails you. With just a little bit of proactive emailing, you'll be able to sleep soundly know your communicators are effectively communicating for you. Here's what you do:

First, think about your audience — not in broad terms like "homeowners," "government personnel," or "catpeople" — but in very concrete terms. Identify a few specific people who you'd like to have bookmarking your work for later reading. Then, write down their names and affiliations and also the names of a few organizations that could help you reach those individuals.

Next, send that list over to your local communications department. This small action on your part will help your communications colleagues identify how they should be spending their social advertising dollars. Trust me, they're going to love you for this! Pretend the idea is yours…I won't tell. Shh.

Until next time,

The Social Share


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