Social Share: Where Egos Dare

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<p>It's time again for <em>The Social Share</em>, a biweekly newsletter designed to help you build your social audience one tweet at a time. </p><p>Hello, my dear friends. It's that time once again, my favorite time of year, when we all gather around the fireplace and recite our favorite tweets to each other. Before we get too cozy though, I'd like to take a peek in the mailbag and see who we can lend a hand to before losing ourselves in eggnog, gingerbread, and the laughter of good friends reading the quips of strangers aloud from their mobile devices.  </p>
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<span style="font-style: normal;">Greetings Social Share,</span><br style="font-style: normal;" />
<br style="font-style: normal;" />
<span style="font-style: normal;">I assume no introduction is necessary as you doubtless saw my email address in the "From" field. Yes, believe it or not, I count myself among your hordes of loyal readers. I know quite a bit more about most things than many other people do, but you, dear boy, have me bested in just this one area. So, I come to you with my query: How can I send tweets promoting my own work without seeming like an egotistical cretin? I shudder at the thought of being seen as anything but a peer to the common man of these United States. Please help. </span><br style="font-style: normal;" />
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<span style="font-style: normal;">Humbly yours,</span><br style="font-style: normal;" />
<br style="font-style: normal;" />
<span style="font-style: normal;">The Buddha of Brick City<br />
<p style="font-style: normal;">P.S. - I realize it is customary to heap praise on you in the postscript, so here goes: You're really quite good at this one thing you do.</p>
<br />
<div>Great question, Buddha. Many people struggle with this same question: How can I promote my own work without coming off like a self-promotional shill? </div>
<p>I believe that answering this requires that you accept two statements to be true. 1. Social media is so driven by ego that it is hardly recognizable to most users. 2. The people who follow you want to know what you're working on. </p>
<p>Remember, your followers chose to subscribe to your messages. So, if you have published something new, have a few thoughts on a recent event, or want to invite people to watch a video of a talk you gave, do it. If anyone is bothered by it they can opt to ignore the tweet or unfollow you. So, as long as you think that what you're sharing has value, trust that your followers will feel the same way, too.
<p>And now, on with the freebies. Click on any of the images below, if you're interested in tweeting them. These links are live!</p>
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