Social Share: Who Are You?

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<p>Welcome back to The Social Share, a biweekly newsletter designed to help you build your social audience one tweet at a time.</p><p>It's time for another trip into the mailbag. This time out we've got an interesting little letter to tear open, one that will bring us all the way back to the basics of setting up your Twitter account. The subject this week is Twitter bios. Let's get to it, shall we?</p>
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<p>Hey Social Share,</p>
<p>I realize the color of my condition is green, but I really am feeling blue. I've recently become a bit more judicious in who I choose to follow-back on Twitter. This is surely a good thing, but it has resulted in my reading people’s bios—when did everyone become so interesting? Now, when I imagine someone deciding whether to follow me on Twitter I picture them falling asleep as they slog through my lame bio. How can I write a Twitter bio that will make me seem interesting?</p>
<p>Envious in Greenpoint</p>
<p>P.S. – Have you considered submitting this newsletter to the Library of Congress? You should---this thing needs to be immortalized!</p>
<p>Great question. Twitter bios are deserving of more attention than they typically get. Your very short bio (160 characters) is how others will arrive at their snap judgment of you—don't squander the opportunity to project an enticing version of yourself. </p>
<p>The trick to a good bio is to tell people what they can expect to gain by following you. This means you have to forgo the urge to be funny or amusing and cut straight to what makes your account a valuable one. A few points you'll want to hit in a good bio:</p>
<li>Tell us what you do for a living. This will help those who are searching for people in your industry to find you. If you can @mention your employer, even better. Anyone searching for your organization will also see your account in their search results.</li>
<li>Be explicit about what the bulk of your tweets will be about. You may be in marketing, but if you spend all day tweeting about gardening, say that!</li>
<li>Be human. Work a hobby or two in there. If you can't fight the urge to go for a joke, and you've ticked the two boxes above, close with a quip.</li>
<p>If you'd like a hand in crafting a bio, drop me a line. I'd be more than happy to connect with you for a quick brainstorming session.</p>
<p>Until next time,</p>
<p>The Social Share</p>
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