Spotlighting Innovations in Health Care Around the World

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<p>In a <a href="/blog/2012/spotlighting-innovations-health-care-around-world">new blog post,</a> Commonwealth Fund research associate David Squires, M.A., reminds us that the U.S. is not alone in confronting health system challenges. Innovations in health care policy and practice are being tested in many countries as developed nations strive to improve care and lower costs. These innovations offer U.S. policymakers and providers lessons, Squires says, particularly given that virtually all other wealthy nations manage to provide universal health care coverage while spending far less than the U.S. </p><p>The post highlights two new publications in the International Innovation series: one on "<a href="/publications/publication/2012/jun/improving-patient-safety-and-lowering-malpractice-costs-through">no-fault malpractice systems</a>" for compensating injured patients in New Zealand, Sweden, and Denmark, and another on the <a href="/publications/publication/2012/jun/using-insurance-exchanges-govern-health-insurance-markets">insurance exchanges</a> that govern health insurance markets in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Visit the <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=EA8FB3276DA942A88B16494559130CCA&_z=z">International Health Policy Center</a> to read more. </p>