State Efforts on Child Health Care Are Highlighted in New Reports

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<p>Developing successful partnerships with pediatric providers is one way state officials are trying to improve primary care services for their youngest, most vulnerable residents, according to two new reports from the National Academy for State Health Policy and The Commonwealth Fund.<ul><br><br><li><a href="/cnlib/pub/enews_clickthrough.htm?enews_item_id=21725&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecmwf%2Eorg%2Fpublications%2Fpublications%5Fshow%2Ehtm%3Fdoc%5Fid%3D367138%26%23doc367138">Improving the Delivery of Health Care that Supports Young Children's Healthy Mental Development: Early Accomplishments and Lessons Learned from a Five-State Consortium</a>, by Neva Kaye.<br>The five states participating in the Fund's ABCD II initiative--designed to improve the delivery of mental health services for young children--are implementing policies and practices to improve developmental services, in particular, those that support the use of a standardized screening tool. The states have found that active partnerships with clinicians and pediatric organizations have been crucial in obtaining provider acceptance and support for improvement projects. Read the report to learn more about the early experiences of the ABCD states.</li><br><li><a href="/cnlib/pub/enews_clickthrough.htm?enews_item_id=21724&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecmwf%2Eorg%2Fpublications%2Fpublications%5Fshow%2Ehtm%3Fdoc%5Fid%3D367174%26%23doc367174">How States Are Working with Physicians to Improve the Quality of Children's Health Care</a>, by Helen Pelletier.<br>In their efforts to improve children's health care, many states are altering their relationship with the provider community. Not just regulators anymore, these states are partnering with pediatric clinicians through learning collaboratives, practice-based seminars, off-site workshops, and the Web. The report profiles state models and discusses lessons for other states that might want to pursue similar strategies.</li></ul></p>