Study: Careful Oversight Needed for Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver Programs

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<p>So far, six states have received federal approval to expand their Medicaid programs through what’s known as Section 1115 waivers, which allow for the testing of innovations in public programs without formal legislative action. More states are expected to seek permission to take this approach in the coming months.</p><p>In her new brief for The Commonwealth Fund, George Washington University’s Sara Rosenbaum and her research team consider key issues related to the changes in benefits called for by state waiver programs—the most important of which is a substantial increase in beneficiaries’ responsibility for the cost of coverage and care.</p>
<p>Rosenbaum and colleagues say it will be important to comprehensively and impartially evaluate the programs, given both that beneficiaries’ participation is not voluntary and several states propose to withhold or reduce coverage for nonpayment of monthly premiums or enrollment fees. </p> Read the brief