Study: Most States Have Yet to Take Action on Health Insurance Market Reforms

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<p>Only 11 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws or issued regulations to implement the Affordable Care Act’s major health insurance market reforms that go into effect in 2014, according to a new <a href="/publications/issue-briefs/2013/feb/implementing-affordable-care-act-state-action-2014-market">Commonwealth Fund study</a>. The changes, which include a ban on denying people health coverage because of preexisting conditions, a minimum benefit standard, and limits on out-of-pocket costs, apply to plans both inside and outside the new health insurance marketplaces.</p><p>According to Georgetown University researchers Katie Keith, Kevin Lucia, and Sabrina Corlette, states that do not pass new legislation or issue new regulations may lack the authority and tools necessary to ensure that insurance companies in their state are complying with the new rules. If states fail to ensure compliance, responsibility for enforcement, the authors say, could default to the federal government.</p>
<p>Visit <a href="/publications/issue-briefs/2013/feb/implementing-affordable-care-act-state-action-2014-market"></a> to read the issue brief and to use our interactive map showing which states have taken action.</p>