Study: States’ Marketplace Choices Matter When It Comes to Medicaid Enrollment

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<p>A new analysis of Medicaid data finds that states that have established their own health insurance marketplace realize higher Medicaid enrollment than states relying on the federal marketplace. But states using the federal marketplace can also achieve higher enrollment when they allow the marketplace to determine residents’ Medicaid eligibility.</p><p>Written by Commonwealth Fund grantee Sara Rosenbaum and colleagues at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, the study underscores the importance of state choices with regard to the marketplace. The authors say that to help ensure that low-income individuals are able to maintain continuous health coverage, full integration of Medicaid and marketplace enrollment functions is essential. </p>
<p>Later this week on <em>The Commonwealth Fund Blog</em>, Rosenbaum discusses the implications of Kentucky’s proposal to end Kynect, the state’s highly popular marketplace, and replace it with federal marketplace.</p> Read the brief