Understanding the Role of Private Health Insurance Exchanges

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<p>Just when you thought you finally understood what health insurance exchanges were all about, Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D., says in his latest <a href="/blog/2014/reflecting-health-reform-exchanges-exchanges-everywhere-understanding-role-private">Reflecting on Health Reform</a> blog post, along comes a curve ball: private exchanges. </p><p>The state and federally run public exchanges, or marketplaces, provide opportunities for millions of Americans to get health coverage—much of it subsidized by the federal government—through Medicaid or private insurance policies. But there are also private exchanges that sell health insurance online to employers. For brokers, consultants, and insurers, private exchanges can provide a way to hold onto existing clients by offering a private product that looks a lot like what the public exchanges are offering, Blumenthal explains. <br />
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Visit <a href="/blog/2014/reflecting-health-reform-exchanges-exchanges-everywhere-understanding-role-private">The Commonwealth Fund Blog</a> for more about private exchanges and how they might affect the ACA's marketplaces. </p>