Understanding the Value of Medicaid

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<p>Fifteen years ago, Laura Helms nearly lost her home in Illinois following a costly hospital stay for bronchitis. But when her state expanded eligibility for Medicaid, Laura’s situation improved dramatically.</p><p>For Laura and the millions of low-wage American workers who had no way of obtaining insurance prior to the Affordable Care Act, the law's Medicaid expansion has created newfound financial security and access to care. </p>
<p>The expansion, taken up by 31 states so far, is the latest step in the decades-long evolution of Medicaid. The nation’s largest insurer, Medicaid today provides health coverage to nearly 73 million people—kids, low-income working adults, seniors, and people with disabilities.</p>
<p>A new Commonwealth Fund essay on Medium examines the quality of Medicaid’s coverage and how it supports safety-net providers and state economies. And, in case you missed it, a <em><a href="/blog/2016/why-us-needs-medicaid">To the Point</a></em> post and slideshow explainer highlight why the U.S. needs Medicaid.</p>

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