Updated Interactive Tool Estimates Value of Health Care by Location

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<p>Health care quality and spending are national concerns, but care is delivered locally. To continue to enable comparisons at the state and local level, The Commonwealth Fund has updated its Quality–Spending Interactive.<br /><br />
Our online tool shows the “relative value” of care—the quality achieved per amount spent—for people 65 and older enrolled in traditional fee-for-service Medicare. The relationship between quality and spending is displayed on a scatter plot and map. You can also compare locations and see how a region performs relative to the U.S. median.</p>
<p>For example, when you look at the percentage of first-time nursing home residents readmitted to a facility within 30 days of hospital discharge, you see that Oregon performs well: 40 percent lower per-person spending than the U.S. median and 19 percent higher quality. By comparison, Indiana spends 38 percent more than the median, with just 3 percent higher quality. </p>
Explore the interactive with the latest data and share your views about it with us.</p>

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