What Can the U.S. Learn from Top-Performing Countries on Health Care?

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<p>The U.S. health care system is the most expensive in the world, but the recently updated Commonwealth Fund report <em><a href="/interactives/2017/july/mirror-mirror/" target="_blank">Mirror, Mirror 2017: International Comparison Reflects Flaws and Opportunities for Better U.S. Health Care</a></em> shows the United States lags other countries when it comes to access to care, primary care, affordability, and equity. </p><p>Use our <a href="/~/media/98ca1c4b828147ba9dcc5879212c61cc.ashx">updated interactive tool</a> to see what would happen if the U.S. could raise its health system performance to the levels achieved elsewhere in the world. For example, the tool shows that if the U.S. offered the same level of access to care as the Netherlands, 61 million fewer adults would go without care because of cost.</p>
<p>Also see our <a href="/publications/publication/2017/aug/4-health-care-lessons-us-can-learn-top-performing-countries">list</a> of four key lessons for the U.S. from top-performing countries. </p>

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