What Value Does Your State Get for Its Health Care Dollars?


Health care spending and quality in the U.S. vary widely across states, and even within states themselves. The Commonwealth Fund’s newly updated Health Care Quality-Spending Interactive tool allows you to see how health care spending relates to quality of care in all states, as well as in the nation’s more than 300 local health care markets.

The Quality-Spending Interactive now includes data for working-age adults with employer-sponsored health insurance, as well as Medicare patients. You can use this tool to evaluate health care quality and spending for these populations across regions.

The tool also helps you integrate its findings into your work, by:

  • Choosing quality measures and filtering the results by state or local health care market, and then seeing how a state fares compared to others
  • Taking a screenshot of your customized graph to use in your reports and presentations, or to send out on social media
  • Offering resources to help you take action based on what you’ve learned.

Quality spending interactive_1x1 Check out the tool What Value Does Your State Get for Its Health Care Dollars?