What Will Happen Under Health Reform--And What's Next? A Resource

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Newly enacted national health reform will begin, almost immediately, to transform the U.S. health care system in ways large and small. The changes will increase the number of people with health insurance, and affect how many of us obtain coverage, how care is paid for and delivered, and how it is regulated. A Commonwealth Fund supplement to the <em>Columbia Journalism Review,</em> "<a href="/publications/publication/2010/apr/what-will-happen-under-health-reform-and-whats-next-resource">What Will Happen Under Health Reform—And What's Next?</a>," answers key questions about health reform for journalists and others and provides a timeline of reform milestones. <br /><br />In particular, the analysis explores:<ul><li>How will health reform help more people obtain coverage and access to care? Who will be helped?</li><li>What will happen to health care costs as a result of reform?</li><li>How will people's health insurance choices be affected?</li><li>How will health care delivery change as a result of health care reform?</li><li>What else needs to be done?</li></ul>Look for a series of Commonwealth Fund briefs on how the new law will affect young adults, women, older adults, and other groups.<p></p>