Why Congress and the Trump Administration Should Appropriate Funding for Cost-Sharing Subsidies

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<p>This week, the House of Representatives and the Trump administration asked the federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to delay the lawsuit brought by the House against the Obama administration for another 90 days. <em>House v. Price </em>claims that government payments to reimburse health insurers for reducing cost-sharing for low-income marketplace plan enrollees are illegal, because funding for the reimbursements was never appropriated.  </p><p>In a new<em> To the Point</em> post, Timothy Jost, emeritus professor at the Washington and Lee University School of Law, considers the implications of the delay and a possible end to the payments. Jost argues that the case is also about the House’s ability to sue the president whenever there is disagreement about an appropriation. </p>

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