Will the Buckeye State Be the Bellwether Again?

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<p>Last week, Ohio became the 26th state to choose to expand its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act. In the second <a href="/blog/2013/reflecting-health-reform-buckeye-bellwether">blog post </a>in his series "Reflecting on Health Reform," David Blumenthal, M.D., president of The Commonwealth Fund, says not only is that good news for 275,000 low-income Buckeyes, but Ohio's action suggests that "we may be reaching a tipping point, as reluctant states seriously reckon with the economic, political, and human costs of failing to expand Medicaid." </p><p>Seven million Americans are living in states that so far have not decided to expand Medicaid eligibility. Visit <a href="/blog/2013/reflecting-health-reform-buckeye-bellwether">The Commonwealth Fund Blog</a> to read why Blumenthal believes all states will eventually follow in Ohio's footsteps. </p>