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Recent Commonwealth Fund reports and Fund-supported studies in the professional literature

Beyond the Efficiency Index: Finding a Better Way to Reduce Overuse and Increase Efficiency in Physician Care. R. A. Greene, H. B. Beckman, and T. Mahoney. Health Affairs Web Exclusive, May 20, 2008.

Quality Matters: Developmental Screening. The Commonwealth Fund. May/June 2008.

Moving to a Higher Level: How Collaboration and Cooperation Can Improve Nursing Home Quality. M. J. Koren. May 2008.

The North Dakota Experience: Achieving High-Performance Health Care Through Rural Innovation and Cooperation. D. McCarthy, R. Nuzum, and S. Mika, et al. May 2008.

Building Blocks for Reform: Achieving Universal Coverage with Private and Public Group Health Insurance. C. Schoen, K. Davis, and S. R. Collins. Health Affairs, May/June 2008.

The Building Blocks of Health Reform: Achieving Universal Coverage and Health System Savings. C. Schoen, K. Davis, and S. R. Collins. May 2008.

Universal Mandatory Health Insurance in The Netherlands: A Model for the United States? W. P. M. M. van de Ven and F. T. Schut. Health Affairs, May/June 2008.

Performance Measures Using Electronic Health Records: Five Case Studies. J. Briggs Fowles, J. P. Weiner, K. S. Chan et al. May 2008.

Culture Change in Nursing Homes: How Far Have We Come? Findings From The Commonwealth Fund 2007 National Survey of Nursing Homes. M. M. Doty, M. J. Koren, and E. L. Sturla. May 2008.

The Widening Health Care Gap Between High- and Low-Wage Workers. S. Glied and B. Mahato. May 2008.

Who Pays for Health Care When Workers Are Uninsured? S. Glied and B. Mahato. May 2008.

Medicare Part D: How Do Vulnerable Beneficiaries Fare? L. Summer, P. Nemore, and J. Finberg. May 2008.

Medicare Part D: State and Local Efforts to Assist Vulnerable Beneficiaries. L. Summer, E. O'Brien, P. Nemore et al. May 2008.

Rising Numbers of Uninsured Young Adults: Causes, Consequences, and New Policies. S. R. Collins. April 2008.

States in Action: A Bimonthly Look at Innovations in Health Policy. T. Alteras, S. Silow-Carroll, and G. Moody. April/May 2008.

Identifying and Evaluating Equity Provisions in State Health Care Reform. B. Smedley, B. Alvarez, R. Panares, C. Fish-Parcham, and S. Adland. April 2008.

Do Primary Care Physicians Treating Minority Patients Report Problems Delivering High-Quality Care? J. D. Reschovsky and A. S. O'Malley. Health Affairs Web Exclusive, Apr. 22, 2008.

Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System Data Brief: Health Care Opinion Leaders' Views on Health Care Delivery System Reform. K. K. Shea, A. Shih, and K. Davis. April 2008.

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