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Commonwealth Fund Publications

S. Collins, K. Davis, J. Nicholson, and K. Stremikis, Realizing Health Reform's Potential: Small Businesses and the Affordable Care Act of 2010, September 2010.

S. Collins, S. Rustgi, and M. Doty, Realizing Health Reform's Potential: Women and the Affordable Care Act of 2010, July 2010.

Commonwealth Fund Survey of Long-Term Care Specialists: Literature Abstracts, Medical Care Research and Review, August 2010 67(4 supplement).

K. Davis, S. Guterman, S. Collins, K. Stremikis, S.Rustgi, and R.Nuzum, Starting on the Path to a High Performance Health System: Analysis of the Payment and System Reform Provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, September 2010.

P. Dworkin, J. Bogin, M. Carey, K. Duplessis, L. Honigfeld, R. Hernandez, and M. Hughes, How to Develop a Statewide System to Link Families with Community Resources: A Manual for Replication of the Help Me Grow System, September 2010.

G. Lewis, Predictive Modeling in Action: How 'Virtual Wards' Help High-Risk Patients Receive Hospital Care at Home, August 2010.

D. Love, W. Custer, and P. Miller, All-Payer Claims Databases: State Initiatives to Improve Health Care Transparency, September 2010.

R. Lyman, W. Holt, and R. Dougherty, State Case Studies of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Systems: Strategies for Change, July 2010.

D. Protti and T. Bowden, Electronic Medical Record Adoption in New Zealand Primary Care Offices, August 2010.

S. Silow-Carroll and G. Hagelow, Systems of Care Coordination for Children: Lessons Learned Across State Models, September 2010.

K. Stremikis, K. Davis, and A.M. Audet, Health Care Opinion Leaders' Views on Delivery System Innovation and Improvement, July 2010.

H. Taylor, P. Pronovost, R. Faden, N. Kass, and J. Sugarman, The Ethical Review of Health Care Quality Improvement Initiatives: Findings from the Field, August 2010.

Other Related Publications

Building Adult Foster Care: What State Can Do, National Academy for State Health Policy, April 2009.

L. J. Cutler and R. A. Kane, "Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Transformed Nursing Home: The First Four Green House Settings," Journal of Housing for the Elderly, Oct. 2009 23(4):304–34.

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M. J. Koren, "Improving Quality in Long-Term Care," Medical Care Research and Review, Aug. 2010 67(4 Suppl.): 141S–150S.

Long Term Services and Support and Chronic Care Coordination: Policy Advances Enacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, National Academy for State Health Policy, April 2010.

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J. Wiener, "Long-Term Care: Getting on the Agenda and Knowing What to Process," Medical Care Research and Review, Aug. 2010 67(4 Suppl.):126S–140S.

Multimedia and Interactive Resources

Presentation: Aligning Incentives Between Medicare and Medicaid for Dual Eligibles, 2008.

Presentation: A Balancing Act: State Long-Term Care Reform, AARP Public Policy Institute, 2008.

Presentation: Can Home and Community-based Services be Expanded Without Busting the Budget? The Lewin Group, NASHP Conference 2008.

Podcast: Changing the Culture of Nursing Homes Through Regulation, The Commonwealth Fund, October 2009.

Podcast: Coalition Is Improving Quality in Nursing Homes, The Commonwealth Fund, March 2009.

Video: The Cost of Dying, 60 Minutes, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, November 2009.

Podcast: The Green House: A New Model of Care, The Commonwealth Fund, January 2009.

Video: Green Houses Offer Elders an Alternative, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, June 2008.

Video: Long-Term Care Surveyors Reflect on Achieving Resident-Centered Care, The Commonwealth Fund, September 2009.

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