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S. K. Long, Who Gained the Most Under Health Reform in Massachusetts? The Urban Institute, October 16, 2008.

S. K. Long, The Impact of Health Reform on Underinsurance in Massachusetts: Do the Insured Have Adequate Protection? The Urban Institute, October 16, 2008.

America's Health Starts with Healthy Children: How Do States Compare? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America, October 2008.

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Implementing Small Group Insurance Market Reforms: Lessons from the States, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government Health Policy Research Center, September 2008.

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State Health Access Data Assistance Center, A Needed Lifeline: Chronically Ill Children and Public Health Insurance Coverage, A State-by-State Analysis, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, August 2008.

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Fund Publications
S. R. Collins, J. L. Nicholson, S. D. Rustgi, and K. Davis, The 2008 Presidential Candidates' Health Reform Proposals: Choices for America, The Commonwealth Fund, October 2008.

S. Silow-Carroll, Iowa's 1st Five Initiative: Improving Early Childhood Developmental Services Through Public–Private Partnerships, The Commonwealth Fund, September 2008.

M. M. Doty, S. R. Collins, S. D. Rustgi, and J. L. Kriss, Seeing Red: The Growing Burden of Medical Bills and Debt Faced by U.S. Families, The Commonwealth Fund, August 2008.

S. R. Collins, J. L. Kriss, M. M. Doty, and S. D. Rustgi, Losing Ground: How the Loss of Adequate Health Insurance Is Burdening Working Families: Findings from the Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Surveys, 2001–2007, The Commonwealth Fund, August 2008.

J. L. Kriss, S. R. Collins, B. Mahato, E. Gould, and C. Schoen, Rite of Passage? Why Young Adults Become Uninsured and How New Policies Can Help, 2008 Update, The Commonwealth Fund, May 2008.

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