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Commonwealth Fund Publications

M. K. Abrams, R. Nuzum, S. Mika, and G. Lawlor, Realizing Health Reform's Potential: How the Affordable Care Act Will Strengthen Primary Care and Benefit Patients, Providers, and Payers, The Commonwealth Fund, Jan. 2011.

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M. D. Naylor and J. A. Sochalski, Scaling Up: Bringing the Transitional Care Model into the Mainstream, The Commonwealth Fund, November 2010.

J. Rosenthal, A. Gauthier, and A. Arons, State Strategies to Improve Quality and Efficiency: Making the Most of Opportunities in National Health Reform, The Commonwealth Fund and the National Academy for State Health Policy, December 2010.

C. Schoen, K. Stremikis, S. K. H. How, and S. R. Collins, State Trends in Premiums and Deductibles, 2003–2009: How Building on the Affordable Care Act Will Help Stem the Tide of Rising Costs and Eroding Benefits, The Commonwealth Fund, December 2010.

K. Stremikis, K. Davis, and S. Guterman, Health Care Opinion Leaders' Views on Transparency and Pricing, The Commonwealth Fund, October 2010.

M. Takach, A. Gauthier, K. Sims-Kastelein et al., Strengthening Primary and Chronic Care: State Innovations to Transform and Link Small Practices, The Commonwealth Fund, Dec. 2010.

Other Related Publications

B. F. Crabtree, S. M. Chase, C. G. Wise et al., "Evaluation of Patient Centered Medical Home Practice Transformation Initiatives," Medical Care, Jan. 2011 49(1):10–16.

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Safety Net Medical Home Initiative. M. Bailit, K. Phillips, and A. Long, Paying for the Medical Home: Payment Models to Support Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation in the Safety Net (Seattle, WA: Bailit Health Purchasing and Qualis Health, October 2010).

Safety Net Medical Home Initiative. A. Long and M. Bailit, Health Reform and the Patient-Centered Medical Home: Policy Provisions and Expectations of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Seattle, WA: Qualis Health and Bailit Health Purchasing, October 2010).

C. Schoen, R. Osborn, D. Squires et al., "How Health Insurance Design Affects Access to Care and Costs, by Income, in Eleven Countries," Health Affairs Web First, Nov. 18, 2010.

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