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Innovations from Abroad: Special Issue of Health Affairs

Countries around the world have realized some success in achieving the "Triple Aim" of health care: better health and better health care at lower cost. A series of Commonwealth Fund–supported articles in the April 2013 issue of Health Affairs describes the lessons these successes hold for the U.S. health care system.

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J. Cohen, A. Malins, and Z. Shahpurwala, Compared to U.S. Practice, Evidence-Based Reviews in Europe Appear to Lead to Lower Prices for Some Drugs

M. Faber, G. Voerman, A. Erler, G. Voerman, A. Erler, T. Eriksson, R. Baker, J. De Lepeleire, R. Grol, and J. Burgers, Survey of Five European Countries Suggests That More Elements of Patient-Centered Medical Homes Could Improve Primary Care

B. Hutchinson and R. Glazier, Ontario’s Primary Care Reforms Have Transformed the Local Care Landscape, But a Plan Is Needed for Ongoing Changes

P. Kanavos, A. Ferrario, S. Vandoros et al., Higher U.S. Branded Drug Prices and Spending Compared to Other Countries May Stem Partly from Quick Uptake of New Drugs

D. Kringos, W. Boerma, P. Groenewegen, and J. van der Zee, Europe’s Strong Primary Care Systems Are Linked to Better Population Health But Also to Higher Health Spending

G. Lewis, H. Kirkham, I. Duncan, and R. Vaithianathan, How Health Systems Could Avert “Triple Fail” Events That Are Harmful, Are Costly, and Result in Poor Patient Satisfaction

R. Lopert and A. G. Elshaug, Australia’s ‘Fourth Hurdle’ Drug Review Comparing Costs and Benefits Holds Lessons for the United States

S. Morgan, J. Daw, and P. Thomson, International Best Practices for Negotiating ‘Reimbursement Contracts’ with Price Rebates from Pharmaceutical Companies

I. Papanicolas, J. Cylus, and P. C. Smith, An Analysis of Survey Data from 11 Countries Finds That “Satisfaction” with Health System Performance Means Many Things

W. Quentin, D. Scheller-Kreinsen, M. Blümel, A. Geissler, and R. Busse, Hospital Payment Based on Diagnosis-Related Groups Differs in Europe, and Holds Lessons for the United States

C. Sorenson, M. Drummond, and L. R. Burns, Evolving Reimbursement and Pricing Policies for Devices in Europe and the United States Should Encourage Greater Value

M. Stabile, S. Thomson, S. Allin, S. Boyle, R. Busse, K. Chevreul, G. Marchildon, and E. Mossialos, Health Care Cost Containment Strategies Used in Four Other High-Income Countries Hold Lessons for the United States

S. Thomson, L. Schang, and M. E. Chernew, Value-Based Cost Sharing in the United States and Elsewhere Can Increase Patients’ Use of High-Value Goods and Services

E. van Ginneken, K. Swartz, and P. Van der Wees, Health Insurance Exchanges in Switzerland and the Netherlands Offer Five Key Lessons for the Operations of U.S. Exchanges

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