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Americans' Experiences in the Health Insurance Marketplaces: Results from the First Month


Conducted October 9–27, 2013, the Commonwealth Fund Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey interviewed a nationally representative sample of adults who are

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potentially eligible for the health reform law’s new insurance coverage options, whether private plans or expanded Medicaid. Among the survey’s key findings: 60 percent of potentially eligible adults are aware of the new marketplaces as a place where they might shop for coverage; 17 percent reported visiting the marketplaces in October to shop for a health plan; about one of five visitors were ages 19 to 29; and one of five visitors enrolled in a plan. Reflecting the technical problems that have plagued the federal marketplace and some state marketplace websites, 37 percent of those who did not enroll in coverage cited those technical difficulties as a reason. A majority of survey respondents, however, appear determined to gain coverage over the next few months.

Publication Details

Publication Date: November 4, 2013
Summary Writer: Christopher Hollander
Citation: S. R. Collins, P. W. Rasmussen, M. M. Doty, T. Garber, and D. Blumenthal, Americans' Experiences in the Health Insurance Marketplaces: Results from the First Month, The Commonwealth Fund, November 2013.


Sara Collins
Vice President, Health Care Coverage and Access, The Commonwealth Fund
Michelle M. Doty
Vice President, Survey Research and Evaluation, The Commonwealth Fund
Senior Analyst, Manatt Health Solutions
David Blumenthal, M.D.
President, The Commonwealth Fund