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The Dose


The Dose Is Back with Medical Mythbuster Joel Bervell

Illustration of Joel Bervell standing on top of a chat bubble surrounded by podcast imagery

Illustration by Rose Wong

Illustration by Rose Wong

The Dose is back! The Commonwealth Fund’s podcast has a new format and a new host, Joel Bervell.

Joel is a Washington State University medical student, but you may know him as TikTok’s “medical mythbuster.” His videos tackling misinformation, disparities, and racial bias in health care have garnered more than 120 million views. In this season of The Dose, Joel talks with new and established voices in health equity — people whose work is changing the way providers and patients interact with the health care system.


JOEL BERVELL: Hey, everyone. The Dose is back, with a brand-new format. I’m Joel Bervell. I’m a medical student, and I’m currently on an orthopedic research fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. I graduate from Washington State University School of Medicine in 2024.

You may have already met me on TikTok, and if not, consider this your invitation to see what I’m up to over there. I’m known as the “Medical Mythbuster,” now with over 120 million views on my videos that tackle the hidden history of medicine, racial disparities, and biases in health care.

For the next four weeks, I’m hosting a series of compelling conversations that you won’t hear anywhere else. We’ll talk to emerging and established voices in the health equity space to learn what’s on the horizon for this pressing work. Each of these individuals are people that I’ve been inspired by, whose work is truly changing how health professionals and patients understand and interact with the health care system.

We have Naomi Nkinsi, a medical student who has gone up against the medical establishment to change how a medical equation treats Black patients.

NAOMI NKINSI: If I don’t say anything, no one else is gonna say anything, and then everyone’s gonna believe that these kind of myths about Black people are true.

JOEL BERVELL: We have Dr. Ziad Obermeyer, an emergency medicine physician and researcher who is picking apart the biases that are embedded deep in medical machine learning algorithms.

ZIAD OBERMEYER: You know, most organizations didn’t even have like a list of all the algorithms that were being used in that organization. So it was really hard to have any oversight over these very powerful tools if you don’t even know what’s being used.

JOEL BERVELL: I think the guests that we have on the show are the best of the best. They’re the individuals that are gonna be leading and changing the health care system, whose work is gonna be referenced a hundred years down the line.

I’ve been wanting to record a podcast for so long, and so to finally be able to be doing this with people that I think are incredible is a dream come true.

So that’s The Dose. Fresh ideas, new perspectives, compelling conversations about where health care is headed. Our first episode drops April 7th. Can’t wait to see you then.

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The Dose Is Back with Medical Mythbuster Joel Bervell,” Mar. 31, 2023, in The Dose, hosted by Joel Bervell, produced by Jody Becker, Mickey Capper, and Naomi Leibowitz, podcast, MP3 audio, 2:22.