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Testimony Before the Joint Economic Committee: Assessing the Viability of Medicare


The aging of the U.S. population will generate many challenges in the years ahead, but none more dramatic than the costs of providing health care services for older Americans. Largely because of advances in medicine and technology, spending on both the old and the young has grown at a rate faster than spending on other goods and services. Combining a population that will increasingly be over the age of 65 with health care costs that will likely continue to rise over time is certain to mean an increasing share of national resources devoted to this group. In order to meet this challenge, the nation must plan how to share that burden and adapt Medicare to meet new demands.

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Publication Date: April 1, 2003

Assessing the Viability of Medicare, Testimony Before the Joint Economic Committee, Marilyn Moon, The Commonwealth Fund, April 10, 2003



Vice President and Program Director of the Health Program, American Institutes for Research