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Quality of Care for Children and Adolescents: A Chartbook

The U.S. health care system has devoted less attention to measuring and reporting on quality of care for children and adolescents than it has for adults, even though adult data are not necessarily a good proxy for the quality of children's care.

In Quality of Health Care for Children and Adolescents, the second in a series of chartbooks on quality, University of North Carolina research professor Sheila Leatherman and Douglas McCarthy, president of Issues Research, Inc., take a closer look at the care provided to children and adolescents, building on their prior study of data for the overall U.S. population. After reviewing more than 500 studies, the authors have selected 40 charts and analyses to represent the current state of pediatric health care.

The chartbook was released at a policy briefing on April 15 at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. You can view a video of the panel discussion and question-and-answer session by following the links below.

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To order spiral-bound copies of the chartbook, visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Web site.

Publication Details

Publication Date: April 1, 2004

Quality of Care for Children and Adolescents: A Chartbook, Sheila Leatherman and Douglas McCarthy, The Commonwealth Fund, April 2004


Douglas McCarthy
Senior Research Director, The Commonwealth Fund
Research Professor, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina