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Health Care Opinion Leaders' Views on Health Reform

Leaders in health care and health care policy believe that Americans should have a choice of public and private health insurance plans, and two-thirds believe the public plan should incorporate innovative methods for paying providers, including global fees, according to the latest Commonwealth Fund/Modern Healthcare Health Care Opinion Leaders Survey. A large majority of opinion leaders supports the establishment of a national health insurance exchange with strong authority to enforce standards of participation, set rating rules, standardize benefits, and review or negotiate premiums. A majority thinks the standard required benefit package should be similar to the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program’s standard Blue Cross Blue Shield option, although one-third support a less generous benefit package. Whatever their views concerning the details of health reform, two-thirds of respondents (68%) agree upon the urgency of enacting comprehensive changes, including an expansion of insurance coverage, this year.

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Publication Date: July 27, 2009

K. Stremikis, K. Davis, S. Collins, and C. Schoen, Health Care Opinion Leaders' Views on Health Reform, The Commonwealth Fund, July 2009.


Director, Market Analysis and Insight, California Health Care Foundation
Professor Emerita in the Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Sara Collins
Vice President, Health Care Coverage and Access, The Commonwealth Fund
Senior Scholar in Residence, New York Academy of Medicine