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Archived: State Innovations

The Commonwealth Fund's State Innovations Program aimed to improve state and national health system performance by supporting, stimulating, and spreading integrated, state-level strategies for expanding access to care and promoting high-quality, efficient care, particularly for vulnerable populations.


Archived: Health Care in New York City

From 1998 to 2005, the Fund's Health Care in New York City Program worked to improve coverage and access to care for the city's most vulnerable residents. The program informed the city's policymakers and health care community by generating information on health insurance, health care utilization, and barriers to care and by supporting innovations in delivering care.


Archived: Patient Centered Coordinated Care

In support of The Commonwealth Fund’s efforts to promote delivery system improvement and innovation, the Program on Patient-Centered Coordinated Care sponsored activities aimed at improving the quality of primary health care in the United States, including efforts to make care more centered around the needs and preferences of patients and their families.