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Health Care Delivery Reform

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Melinda K. Abrams
Vice President and Director, Delivery System Reform
Tanya Shah
Assistant Vice President, Delivery System Reform
Laurie Zephyrin, M.D.
Vice President, Delivery System Reform
Yaphet Getachew
Program Assistant, Delivery System Reform
Corinne Lewis
Research Associate, Delivery System Reform
Mekdes Tsega
Program Associate, Delivery System Reform

The Playbook

Find curated resources about promising approaches to improving care for people with complex needs.

promo long term services and supports scorecard

State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports

This Scorecard, produced by the AARP Foundation with support from the Commonwealth Fund and the SCAN Foundation looks across all categories to measure state-level long-term services and supports system performance from the viewpoint of users of services and their families.