The Commonwealth Fund's 2016 Annual Report Is Now Available Online

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<p>View our interactive annual report for highlights from recent Commonwealth Fund work on:</p><ul>
<li>improving care for high-need, high-cost patients</li>
<li>documenting the Affordable Care Act’s impact</li>
<li>assessing Medicaid’s role and its future</li>
<li>understanding the latest trends in health and health care</li>
<li>discovering the potential of technology to empower patients</li>
<li>exploring health system innovation around the world</li>
<li>and more.</li>
<p>You can also view the annual report to learn about the foundation’s financial performance, recent transitions in our board of directors and staff, and Commonwealth Fund grantmaking. </p>
<p>In his annual message, Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal, M.D., offers valuable historical perspective for our tumultuous times. And he reminds us of the critical role that foundations and other nongovernmental bodies play in preserving American values and institutions.</p> View the annual report