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Fund Publications

N. Kaye and M. Takach, Building Medical Homes in State Medicaid and CHIP Programs, The National Academy of State Health Policy and The Commonwealth Fund, June 2009.

K. Davis, C, Schoen, and S. Guterman, Fork In the Road: Alternative Paths to a High Performance U.S. Health System, The Commonwealth Fund, June 2009.

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S. H. Scholle, S. L. Sampsel, N. E. P. Davis, and E. L. Schor, Quality of Child Health Care: Expanding the Scope and Flexibility of Measurement Approaches, The Commonwealth Fund, May 2009. 

Related Publications 
W. Zelman and A. Melamed, Politics and Policy in State Health Reform, State Coverage Initiatives, June 2009.

W. Zelman, Swimming Upstream: The Hard Politics of Health Reform in California, State Coverage Initiatives, June 2009.

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I. Hill, S. Hogan, L. Palmer et al., Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment for Pregnant Women: What Is the State of the Art? The Urban Institute and the National Academy for State Health Policy, March 2009.

Multimedia and Interactive Resources

New State by State Reports Highlight Urgent Need for Health Reform, June 2009.

J. Babin, Diagnosis for Mass. Health Care: Pricey, Marketplace, American Public Radio, May 28, 2009.


Commonwealth Fund to Release Updated State Health Performance Scores

The Commonwealth Fund's 2007 State Scorecard on Health System Performance uncovered wide variation across states in numerous indicators related to access, quality, avoidable hospital use and costs, equity, and healthy lives. State Scorecard findings suggest that, if middle- and low-performing states were to implement strategies and policies to help bring them to the levels of the highest-performing states, significant cost savings and improved health outcomes could be achieved. The second edition of the State Scorecard, expected in October 2009, will include several new indicators related to public health, illustrating that some states have indeed achieved improvements in such indicators since 2007.

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